How do you show how poor marketing depts all over the world actually are?

Bland Book

Copy Chief Vikki Ross and our very own Paul Mellor joined forces. The result is the answer to every single branding brief. To always go unnoticed, why stand out when you were born to fit in, and ensuring everything is clear, human & honest. We had an avalanche of love from strangers enjoying the satire.

Fame: 10 industry trade mag’s covered the Bland Book in 2019, and there’s more Bland coming in 2020.

Mellor&Smith - Bland Book - Vikki Ross
Bland Book - Vikki Ross - Mellor&Smith
Bland Book - Vikki Ross - Mellor&Smith

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Tired of seeing the same old Bland rubbish?

Maybe you’ve taken one look at your brand guidelines and winced. Perhaps your tone of voice is ‘professional’ and ‘honest’.

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