How do you attract the attention of the fastest growing brands in the world?



GoCardless are perfectly placed to partner with the fastest growing companies in the world. The kinds of businesses who are doubling in the blink of an eye. But they want a partner who ‘gets’ how they feel.


When we say companies are growing fast, what we really mean is the people working in them. And everyone has a grannie, nan, aunty or fairy godmother who pulls their cheek.

Our idea

You’re growing sooo fast.

GC_Growing sooo fast
GC_Growing sooo fast
GC_Growing sooo fast
GC_Growing sooo fast
GC_Growing sooo fast
GC_Growing sooo fast
Why Underdogs?

They revel in unsettling the top dogs. But they’re not the target; the top dog’s customers are. Underdogs grow by getting noticed week in, week out. So you can either outspend or out-think the competition. And the common trait across all our Underdogs clients? The appetite to commit and do more with less.

Underdog brands, need Underdog thinking.

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Maybe you’ve got a similar challenge to what GoCardless had? We’ve transformed businesses before, making them famous, driving thousands of people to make inbound sales enquiries.

We did it with CTEK. Let’s do it with you. Be the catalyst and burn brighter than ever. Email Paul directly.