The public just want really boring bikes brands in their lives, don’t they?

Mango Bikes


We’ve been making Mango famous for a while. Year-on-year sales are up and website traffic is crazy. We created the positioning ‘bikes for non-cyclists’, and have been making campaigns about it ever since.

Our idea

Bikes with an attitude, bikes with an opinion.


We’ve been working with Mango since Jan 2020, and they’re now one of the fastest growing bike brands in the UK.

Mango Bikes - Put Something Fun Between Your Legs - Mellor&Smith
Mango Bikes - Eat More Chips - Mellor&Smith
Mango Bikes - Swipe Right For The Ride Of Your Life - Mellor&Smith
Mango Bikes - Loose Your Spare Tyre - Mellor&Smith

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