How do you compete with the category Goliath, who outspends you 20:1?



The public don’t talk about their ‘pregnancy journey’, but you wouldn’t think that if you read a Pregnacare Ad. But interestingly, we realised sex is no longer as fun when the purpose of it changes. People have to ‘try’, a lot.

Our idea

The English language is known for its Homophones. Words that have the same sound, but different meanings. Try and Tri were our seraphic protagonists. Proceive are there for people when they’re trying and tri’ing.


The campaign resulted in a 35% uplift in sales at Boots and Holland & Barrett. Eeeesh. Lovely stuff.


* Oh and ‘we’ got pregnant. The Mellor&Smith copywriter (who was trying) succumbed to the strength of her creativity and conceived at time of launch. Powerful words indeed.

Proceive - Try Try Try - Mellor&Smith
Mellor&Smith - Try Try Try - Mellor&Smith
Proceive - Try Try Try - Mellor&Smith

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