What’s the cause of all your office arguments?…

Who’s round is it?
Who’s turn is it to get the brews in?
Do the dishes?
Get the beers in?

London based creative agency, Mellor&Smith, have come up with the solution.

RiskyPicker allows you to randomly pick a user to get the next round of tea, coffee, water, beer, liquid, condoms, explosives, etc, etc.
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A variety of fun commands let you randomise the next round of tea’s, coffee’s, water’s or the special Friday afternoon beers.

How the hell do I use this?

  1. The risky commands:
    Randomise someone in your team to get the teas & coffees in /riskybrew
    Feeling the effects of last night? In need of hydration? /riskywater
    Drinking in the office? Never! ? Pick who’s round it is with /riskyparty
    Sometimes you need someone to get the milk, to pick up the post, to find you a husband, /riskypicker will select someone randomly to do whatever you ask.
  2. Is Dave out of the office again? Enable or disable users to avoid disappointment:
    /riskypicker -enable @[user]
    /riskypicker -disable @[user]
    /riskypicker -enable-everyone
    /riskypicker -disable-everyone
  3. Want a brew or glass of water ready for you when you get into the office at 11am?
    Use /riskypicker -config
    Click on the link, enter the 6 digit code, then you can schedule any command, in any channel, at any given time and day.
  4. Are you convinced Dave’s never made the brews in his life? Check the stats:
    – See who asked and who was chosen by RiskyPicker:
    /riskypicker -info
  5. Display stats by week or month:
    /riskypicker -stats
    /riskypicker -stats month
  6. Spice up your Slack:
    – To add an anonymous comment like “Hurry up! I’m parched”:
    /riskypicker -comment Hurry up! I’m parched
  7. If you need support with the RiskyPicker App:
    /riskypicker -help

RiskyPicker, when installed, will include every user enabled in your workspace.

If you have a HUGE team, then you can enable the “channel only” mode within the selected channel by typing: /riskypicker -switch-channel-mode

RiskyPicker will not work on private channels using the “channel only” mode. This would require even more authorization and is not necessary.

The enable and disable user command DOES NOT work in “channel only” mode.

RiskyPicker is developed and maintained by Mellor&Smith.

Warning, this app contains adult language.

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Mellor&Smith new app directory risky picker advertising agency
Mellor&Smith new app directory risky picker advertising agency
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