What’s a Burn Brighter?

For those already ‘in market’, but not shifting enough.

For household names; large SME’s and big international brands.

Maybe, they tried a big network agency and were thoroughly pissed off when a junior was put on the account, and were told “half-million quid isn’t a huge budget” and the CEO hasn’t been in touch since you signed. Bastard. Or maybe you need some fresh thinking that’s going to punch the brand into the public consciousness. You probably have a brief, with the ‘what’. What you want to achieve. So you’re looking for the ‘how’.

“Grab the chance by the scruff of the neck.”

Maybe your sales aren’t as high as they could / should / would be if your advertising had its game face on.

Our Burn Brighter, is designed for this very situation. We work with the Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Director, VP Marketing, Chief Growth Officer or the CEO directly.


Unlike the sun

When you’re the world’s third biggest employer (behind the US and Chinese Governments) and growing rapidly, you need a healthy pipeline of incoming staff.

The employer branding team got in touch. They needed to find new ways of finding technically skilled people. Fast.

Relevancy was key. Outdoor campaign, mad stunt and turning the problem on its head. Inside 4 months we activated the campaign. Within 5 months they saw a 24% increase in post-screening interviews for technical roles.

Mellor&Smith - Amazon - Eclipse


Growing sooo fast

After major investment, GoCardless wanted to show their payment system could cope with rapidly growing businesses.

We couldn’t touch the branding (they have a brand team for that) but we could find a way to get them noticed.

We imagined what these business owners were experiencing when they went home. The pride as well as the stressful reality.

When we say companies are growing fast, what we really mean is the people working in them. Everyone has a granny, nan, aunty or fairy godmother who pulls their cheeks. Ahhhh bless.



Expect more

Expedia’s business travel team were being roasted at both ends.

One end of the category were established (old school) monolith’s — great at personal service. At the other, ‘agile’ tech-first platforms making it look easy.

Expedia were somewhere in the middle but needed to show they were the sweet spot in the Venn diagram. Cue Burn Brighter.

We destabilised the competitors and re-established Expedia’s credentials. A wonderful B2B case study.

A TVC campaign supported by large amounts of social media. Generating earned media through press and media.

Expedia - Expect More - Mellor&Smith

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For brands who aren’t currently advertising but know they need to be doing ‘something’.