What’s a Fiery Halo?

For those unsure which direction to take.

Normally for SME’s who know they need to be doing ‘something’, but aren’t sure which direction to take. Maybe they’ve dipped a toe in the advertising lake but it was too chilly. So they got back out, sharpish. Or maybe, there were a bunch of big problems, but now they’re fixed they’re ready to flex those marketing muscles. You’ve probably got a great product but now you’re ready to take it to the next level.

The Fiery Halo, is designed for these very situations. Working with the marketing team or directly with the big cheese. Our brief; “take us to the next level”.


Fat Can’t, Actually Fat Can

One of the ideas Fat Lad at the Back got from their Fiery Halo in early 2022.

It was spun out of data they collected from a poll on their social channels. It revealed the most derogatory term larger cyclists hear, mainly from motorists, is “Fat C*nt”!

Pressing further in customer interviews we found a key insight: what’s even more provocative to larger cyclists is when people say they “can’t” be on a bike. The idea was born.

It ran across major sites in London but was later banned by the ASA. Brilliant! Free PR flooded in from across the cycling industry and major newspapers across the UK.

Fat Lad at the Back - Fat C*n't - Mellor&Smith - Ad campaign - Outdoor OOH - Paul Mellor


Helping nature take it’s course

Proceive needed to knock-out Pregnacare (no.01 best seller) despite Proceive being twice the price. We knew the idea had to be a strong swimmer. So in 2020 we got to work on their Fiery Halo.

Not wanting to shy away from the reality of conception, we decided sperm was one of the answers.

Or more specifically the journey sperm take to the egg. After all conception has its ups and downs… a journey in itself.

Later that year it became the best seller in the Boots 3 for 2 offer.

Proceive - Outdoor 2 - Mellor&Smith


Battling headwinds

The ‘Moneysupermarket.com’ of B2B – Bionic commissioned a Fiery Halo in Feb 2020.

Glyn the Chief Growth Officer, inherited a number of challenges, not least a name change and rebrand. Once resolved he needed a catalyst for the direction.

Originally their in-house team were to activate the ideas but we ended up working together to make it happen.

One of the ideas was perfect for TV. Inside just four months, Bionic had gone from no advertising concept to airing their first TV campaign.

Bionic - Gurning Face Headwinds - Mellor&Smith

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