We keep it simple. You’re either already advertising or you’re not.

We have two services; the Fiery Halo for brands who aren’t currently advertising but know they need to be doing ‘something’. And Burn Brighter, for household names who’ve been advertising for years but need a new independent firestarter spirit.

Dead simple, choose below.

What’s a Fiery Halo?

For those unsure which direction to take.

Normally for SME’s who know they need to be doing ‘something’, but aren’t sure which direction to take.

Maybe they’ve dipped a toe in the advertising lake but it was too chilly. So they got back out, sharpish.

Or maybe, there were a bunch of big problems, but now they’re fixed they’re ready to flex those marketing muscles.

The Fiery Halo was the catalyst to building great campaigns.

You’ve probably got a great product but now you’re ready to take it to the next level.

The Fiery Halo, is designed for these very situations. Working with the marketing team or directly with the big cheese our brief; “take us to the next level”.

Mango Bikes - No Fluff - Mellor&Smith

Case study, Mango Bikes

Andrew the CEO was unsure of the best next step, but knew he had to strike a match.

The results have been stratospheric, they’ve got more orders than they can comfortably handle. Inside just four months, Mango went from no marketing activity to firing out a campaign once a month.

Strategic, creative, sustainable.

Bionic - Headwinds - Mellor&Smith

Case study, Bionic

Glyn, the Chief Growth Officer, had inherited a number of challenges, once resolved he needed a catalyst for growth.

One of the ideas was perfect for TV. Inside just four months, Bionic went from no TV to airing their first TV campaign.

Simple, creative, rocket fuel.

What’s a Burn Brighter?

For those already ‘in market’, but not shifting enough.

For household names; large SME’s and big international brands.

Maybe, they tried a big network agency and were thoroughly pissed off when a junior was put on the account, and were told “half-million quid isn’t a huge budget”.

And the CEO hasn’t been since you signed. Bastard.

Or maybe you need some fresh thinking that’s going to punch the brand into the public consciousness.

You probably have a brief, with the ‘what’. What you want to achieve. So you’re looking for the ‘how’.

Grab the chance by the scruff of the neck.

Maybe your sales aren’t as high as they could / should / would be if your advertising had its game face on.

Our Burn Brighter, is designed for this very situation. We work with the Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Director, VP Marketing, Chief Growth Officer or the CEO directly.

Expedia - Expect More - Mellor&Smith

Case study, Expedia

The c-suite were very concerned, they were getting attacked on two fronts. We destabilised the competitors and re-establish Expedia’s credentials. A wonderful B2B case study.

TVC, outdoor and supported by a large social media presence.

Laser focus, creativity and problem solving.

Amazon - Unlike The Sun - Mellor&Smith

Case study, Amazon

The team had highlighted the problem; increase the relevant applicants to fuel Amazon’s huge growth.

Relevancy was the key. Outdoor campaign, mad stunt and turning the problem on its head.

Strategic, creative and sorted.

Not hitting the heights you could (or should) be?

Get in touch about the Fiery Halo, for brands who know they need to be doing ‘something’. Or the Burn Brighter, for household names who want an independent firestarter spirit.

Be the catalyst for your brand and start your own blaze.


Our Fame-o-Meter is for any brand who’s currently not first in their category. Giving you the plan to knock the topdog of their perch.

It takes 10 mins and it’s free (get ready to channel your inner Freddie)