Too many Underdog marketers focus on ‘what’ people think of their brand, but ‘when’ the public think of your brand is more effective.

You’ve probably got a superior product to your competition. But inferior brands still beat you, and you’re wondering why?

Updated in July 2023, download the 3rd edition of 13½ ways to make your Underdog brand famous, it’s chocca-bloc with the data and insight to make your Underdog brand famous.

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90% of buyers consider just TWO brands.

The most famous brand in a category is consistently one of the two brands considered by 90% of people deciding which brand to buy. The role of every marketing director should be “ensure we’re one of the two brands considered”.

60% of audiences don’t care about features.

Yep that killer feature you’re team is hanging all hopes on, isn’t nearly as powerful as you think. Instead both B2C and B2B audiences rely on a brands distinctive-ness as they make the buying decision. And yep, that sucks.

Just 5% of category buyers are in ‘market’.

A deceptively simple fact, but has a huge impact on an Underdog’s advertising. Most advertising hits buyers who aren’t ‘in market’ at that moment. Therefore advertising must build and refresh memories of your brand or it’s just hot air.


You’ll be beating the competition on the reg, and you’ll have the firepower to debate the CFO and CEO in the boardroom.

This stuff ain’t easy, but now you know how.

Oh, and it’s free. Saaaaay whaaaaat.