Your brand not only deserves to be noticed; it should be a trailblazer.

Mellor&Smith make brands famous. We’re an independent advertising agency in the heart of London who aren’t afraid to take risks that reap rewards, and our international little black book of clients proves it.

We’ve been ripping up the rule-book since we first opened our doors in 2009.

You have to want to get noticed. Start your fire.

What we do

The foundation, the building blocks and the starting point. Strategy should never be the star of the show. The general public doesn’t care how clever your strategy is, but they will ignore you if your campaign falls flat on its face.

The fire that burns bright. A brilliant idea has the ability to transform businesses, move people, and make you famous. So famous people buy from you without knowing why. Worth its weight in gold.

The final piece of the puzzle. It doesn’t matter if we’re breaking the rules staging a fight in Berlin or in London making the most complicated advertising campaign of the year. The idea needs to look and sound incredible.

Our manifesto

89% of the work out there is ignored.

Guff. Vanilla. Wallpaper. Bland. Meaningless.

Treating the public with utter contempt.

If you want fame, you need to: start a fire, break the rules, jump off the deep-end, rock the proverbial marketing boat, stick your neck out, trust your gut, get uncomfortable, turn it up to 11.

Be the brand that gets noticed.

Strike a match, light the catalyst, watch it burn brighter than ever. Fame.

Start your fire.

Not hitting the heights you could (or should) be?

We have two services; the Fiery Halo for brands who know they need to be doing ‘something’. And the Burn Brighter for household names who are tired of their existing advertising agency or want an independent firestarter spirit.

Be the catalyst for your brand and start your own blaze.


Our Fame-o-Meter is for any brand who’s currently not first in their category. Giving you the plan to knock the topdog of their perch.

It takes 10 mins and it’s free (get ready to channel your inner Freddie)