Creative, loud mouth and dogger.

Paul Mellor is the breath of fresh air the creative industry dearly needs. As a speaker he delivers a slice of real talk cutting through the bullshit nonsense currently seen in the creative industry. He also talks about himself in the 3rd person… such a silly sausage.

Delivering his ‘Firestarter’ talk, Paul has spoken at events as a keynote, in a panel session or in a Q&A… and if you ask nicely he will create a bespoke talk just for you. Paul can also be found compèring at our Take Fucking Risks events.

Even the BBC let him turn the airwaves blue.

Paul Mellor - Mellor&Smith - BBC News

Previous talks and interviews


15th Apr 2022. Spoke on the Unknown Origins podcast,



Fell out of love with my own voice and just couldn’t be arsed to speak, write or shoot my mouth off. Much to my wifes annoyance, because it meant I drove her crazy.



17th Dec 2020. Spoke to Jo Good on BBC Radio London (again),

20th Sept 2020. Spoke on the MediaCamp podcast,

2nd Sept 2020. Interviewed for the FT (paywall),

9th June 2020. Spoke on the Masters Program,

3rd June 2020. Spoke on Citywire Social,

15th May 2020. Spoke on ISOLATED Talks,

23rd April 2020. Spoke at Prolific North,

17th April 2020. Spoke at The Fearless Summit,

12th Mar 2020. Spoke on the Aperture podcast,

10th Mar 2020. Hosted my own show on FUBAR Radio,

4th Mar 2020. Wrote an article in Just.Marketing,

5th Feb 2020. Spoke at the Global Sharing Economy,



18th Dec 2019. Spoke on the Marketing Mashup podcast,

6th Dec 2019. Spoke at the TBD Conference,

4th Dec 2019. Spoke at the Gasp! The Pubcast,

20th Nov 2019. Quoted in CityAM (print & digital),

20th Nov 2019. Spoke at Take Fucking Risks,

15th Nov 2019. Spoke on the Call to Action podcast,

12th Nov 2019. Spoke on the Recruitment Marketing podcast,

31st Oct 2019. Spoke on the Content Sessions podcast,

25th Sept 2019. Spoke at TFR The Pubcrawl,

23th Sept 2019. Spoke on The Lonely Marketer podcast,

18th Sept 2019. Spoke to Jo Good on the BBC,

19th Aug 2019. Spoke with Cookie on Tiny Jams podcast,

15th Aug 2019. Spoke at Rebooting the Agency Model,

14th Aug 2019. Spoke on Ditching Hourly podcast,

16th Jul 2019. Spoke on Everyone Hates Marketers podcast,

15th May 2019. Spoke at TFR The Pubcrawl,

1st Apr 2019. Featured with Vikki Ross for the Bland Book,

24th Feb 2019, Spoke on the Love This podcast,

11th Feb 2019, Spoke at Fail Better,

1st Feb 2019. Interviewed by Creative Conscious,



21st Nov 2018. Spoke at TFR The Pubcrawl,

25th Sept 2018. Spoke at Take Fucking Risks,

9th May 2018. Spoke at Take Fucking Risks,

7th Apr 2018. Interviewed by Glug,



22nd Nov 2017. Spoke at Take Fucking Risks,

15th Nov 2017. Spoke at One Minute Briefs,

12th Sept 2017. Spoke at Take Fucking Risks,

6th June 2017. Spoke at Take Fucking Risks,

11th Apr 2017. Spoke at Take Fucking Risks,

A showreel, that’s not really a showreel

Tired of everyones hot air?

Most events are the same; bland, vanilla, agreeable. Which is a real shame because they should be about debate, disagreement and lighting a fire in someone.

Maybe its because I’m a loud mouth, or maybe it’s because I like going against the grain. Whatever it is, I tend to rock the boat.


Our Fame-o-Meter is for any brand who’s currently not first in their category. Giving you the plan to knock the topdog of their perch.

It takes 10 mins and it’s free (get ready to channel your inner Freddie)